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Customized Labels for kids and parents

Personalized labels to get organised with your small things

Self-adhesive custom stickers, iron-on or easy stick-on labels to mark and identify easily all of your small items and clothes with no risk as our labels are made in France with 0% solvent water-based professional inks. They reply to OekoTex100 certification. Customize your labels with your favorite colors, and add 1 , 2 or more text lines for : firstname, family name, adress or even your phone number. You can also add your favorite picture (even your dog's picture if you like) or an illustration among our hundreds models.

School supplies, clothes, shoes, pencils, usb keys and all your small items are now easily marked. Choose the custom labels size that suits your need for school, daycare, home, summer camp, nursery, mom's office, or simply to get organized.

Everyone his own style ! ...And every needs its labels to personnalise !

Your favorite products

Come and see all our adhesive and iron-on labels made in France, to suit your needs !

Value Labels Packs

Find your pack of personalised labels for your need. Do not bother to count how many little adhesive labels you should order to mark all pens and pencils for back to school day, or how many stick-on and iron-on labels for your kid's clothes for his next summer camp.

Our custom labels pack are ready to use :

School Labels Pack : all you need to be ready for the first day back to school, primary school or kindergarten school, including mostly adhesives labels of all sizes and some stick-on labels for clothes

Economic School Labels Pack : personalized white stickers to mark in a minute every school supplies

School Labels Pack Light : just what your kid needs for his entire bunch of supplies for primary school 

Baby Labels Pack : as many adhesive stickers for baby stuffs at nursery as iron-on labels and stick-on labels for clothes and spare clothes, as well as shoes labels

Camper's Labels Pack : self-adhesive custom labels and iron-on labels ready for school trips, summer camps, green classes, as well as linguistic stays and themed camps

Senior and Boarding School Pack : very complete set of labels designed for middle and high school students in boarding schools, as well as for the elderly in retirement homes or nursing homes

Stickers Only Pack & Office Pack : Set of stickers only, repositionable, high resistance, from small to medium format to mark all your objects, from the USB stick at the office to your favorite coffee cup

Small Item Self-adhesive Labels

Adhesive, resistant and customizable at will, discover a wide range of stickers of all formats to meet all your object labeling needs. The self-adhesive labels adhere to any clean and smooth support such as plastic, glass, cardboard materials and much more.

Also find customizable labels for wedding, baptism, communion, specially designed for personalized guest gifts during your family ceremonies and all kinds of sugared almond boxes. You can thus personalize your dragee containers with round stickers or even your decorative ribbons with an iron-on label.

Your professionally printed labels will bring the essential finishing touch to your event decoration.

Clothing and Shoes Labels

No more woven labels and tedious sewing labels. To mark your textiles, make way for the new generation of clothing labels:

Iron-on labels: to be applied using an iron, our iron-on stickers adhere directly to the fabric of the garment and are resistant to washing machines up to 60 ° C and to tumble dryers. Several formats to choose from: classic, mini or comforter labels. All our fusible labels have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, thus ensuring that our products meet the requirements of Annexes XVII and XIV to the European Chemicals Ordinance, contributing to effective and high product safety. Also called nominette, they resist up to 90 successive washes.

Self-adhesive labels for clothing and shoes: to stick on the composition label of the garment, or on the inner heel of the shoes, very practical and with an indelible ink, these clothing stickers are ultra-simple to use and are a time saver very appreciable. They are also resistant to washing in a washing machine up to 40 ° C and to a tumble dryer.

Logo and Photo Labels

Designer labels like with only your photo or logo on the entire surface of the sticker. Perfect for promoting your small business, by sticking your logo label on your contracts, correspondence, or supplier gifts such as USB keys, powerbank, or any other gift idea of ​​which you have the secret.

If you are planning a particular event and want to highlight your photo or creation, photo tags will be your major ally. Once your creation is ready, you upload it in jpg format, you position it, and your creation will be printed as a ready-to-use sticker to personalize your event: birthday party, wedding, baptism, corporate event.

One by One Personalized Labels

Finally, discover the possibility of personalizing your labels one by one using our configurator. Simple customization. Select a batch of labels of the desired format, and personalize with a different text and color each of your labels. Each self-adhesive label in your batch becomes unique thanks to the online design. To use without moderation, create for example professional place-marks at weddings or receptions; or to organize your storage at home and assign a place to each element.

Organized Home Labels

In order to organize your home, do not hesitate to make your daily life easier with our schedules: the Activity Planning to plan recurring activities such as punctuals, and the Weekly Menus to plan your meals in advance and save time on a daily routine.

At Mes Petites Etiquettes, label printing is 100% Made In France, 0% solvent and benefits from Fast Delivery