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Organized home Labels

Nothing like a good organization to make your life easier ! Mes Petites Etiquettes helps you see clearly!

"Dad, what are we eating ?" "What day do I have judo?" "Granny, what's your jam?" "Mom, you forgot my pool stuff !"

Mes Petites Etiquettes helps you make good habits to organize your home efficiently and see more clearly in your daily tasks. 

Become Mom and Dad that rocks !

To help you get organized, we have created two time-saving weeklies:

Menu of the Week

This Menu reminder allows you to be organized for all the meals of the week, and thus plan in advance your lunch and dinner to prepare for the family. Your food shopping will also be easier and your organizational time savings will be optimized. Better managing your weekly menus can simplify your life and save time for your children or your passions.

Tips and Tricks: once developed, take a picture of your menu before you go shopping!

Activities Planing

Do you have more than one child?

Choose the Activity Schedule to record the timetable and the sports and extra activities of each member of the family.

Do you want your child to learn how to manage his time efficiently ?

The Planning of activities is a great idea to learn to manage your time well, to become independent, and to know how to free up time to be comfortable at home. An essential memory aid for effective organization.

Few tips :

These 2 weeks are adhesive, reusable, and dry erasable. So you can easily store it behind a door, in a closet, or on a wall in your hallway or in front of your child's desk to learn to manage his schedule.

With the Menu of the Week and the Planning of Activities, you set up an effective personal organization!