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Small item Labels

Need to quickly find your belongings ?

Mark them easily with our small items self-adhesive labels from Mes Petites Etiquettes.

Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Round, Scooter, you'll find the sticker you need... and customize it as you wish :

name, background color, illustration or picture, writing style


  • Round Name Stickers

    20 or 40 labels

    Round and so cute little stickers ! Small round stickers to be used everywhere and all the time to score : baby pacifiers, wedding or baptism gifts, water bottles, balls or othe...

    starting from8,90 €

  • Mini Name Stickers

    36, 72 or 108 labels

    Mini customized name stickers to stick everywhere! Perfect for identifying even the smallest school supplies : pens, USB memory sticks, colouring pencils, erasers, glasses, rul...

    starting from7,90 €

  • Small Name Stickers

    16, 32, 48 or 64 labels

    Small self-adhesive stickers with your picture or an icon of your choice ! Those small name stickers will help you find quickly and easily your belongings : diary, stapler, rule...

    starting from7,90 €

  • Medium Name Stickers

    10, 20 or 30 labels

    Name Stickers with 2 lines, in order to add your cell phone number, for example, for those you lose everything ! It will help you identify and locate your valuables : phone, no...

    starting from7,90 €

  • Large Stickers

    4 or 8 labels

    These 4 lines large stickers are made for adresses, or special little love note ! Various quantities : 4 Stickers L - 6 € 8 Stickers L - 9 €

    starting from7,90 €

  • Round Name Stickers

    20 or 40 labels

    Round and so cute little stickers ! Small round stickers to be used everywhere and all the time to score : baby pacifiers, wedding or baptism gifts, water bottles, balls or othe...

    starting from7,90 €

  • Scooter Name Stickers

    2 labels

    Each child its scooter !!! Find your scooter easily among all the identical scooters of your buddies : easy as a breeze ! Quantity : 2 Scooter Name Stickers

    starting from7,90 €

Mini stickers to Large stickers, all sizes of adhesive labels are possible and customizable

When back to school, many children find exactly the same felt-tip pens and colored pencils in their friends' kits. And for good reason, the lists of mistresses are often very very similar.

So how to differentiate the business of Paul and Pierre from Jacques' ones ? and avoid having to face "he pricked my pen Mama, that's the truth !".

The solution is simple and well known to mothers, we mark all small school supplies before the start of the school year, especially in kindergarten and elementary school. offers a wide range of personalized stickers to help you in this essential task. In small quantities or in series, in small or large format, our personalized stickers will be ideal and easy to stick on all the smooth surfaces of the objects and cases to be labeled.

Minis Stickers

with their elongated shape, they are perfect for small supplies such as pens, felt-tip pens, colored pencils, compasses, markers, calculator, pairs of scissors, as well as pairs of glasses !

Small Stickers

with first name, family name and a small illustration, they will be very practical for stabilos, rulers, notebooks, kits, painting and music kits

Medium Stickers

a second line of text allows you to add additional information such as a phone number or the name of the school or its class in order to more easily find your lost items in the park after school for example.

Large Stickers

up to 4 lines of text for an address or a sweet note, accompanied by a nice photo or illustration

Round Stickers

small adhesive circles with 2 lines of rounded text to discreetly mark your small belongings, such as papi's cane, the grandson's jars of glue, or any other object.

Scooters stickers

very large adhesive labels to easily mark, personalize and easily find scooters in the park after school. Just as practical to stick on the draissiennes, bikes, tricycles, and other two wheels which are susceptible to get lost or to be forgotten.

Round wedding labels

the final and personalized touch to mark your guest gifts, sugared almond boxes, and goodies. In your image and colors, they will allow your guests to keep the memory of your wedding.

Christmas labels

with the photo of his meeting with Santa Claus, you create ultra-personalized Christmas labels, the magic will undoubtedly operate when your child or grandchild will discover the photo of their meeting on his gifts: guaranteed wonderment. So if your child has met Santa Claus in the flesh? Quick, immortalize the moment!

We are mandated by the Elves to create the most beautiful memories of your children!

Surprise those around you with your 100% customizable and 200% personalized labels.

A little tip : For even more uses, all our stickers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. There is therefore no longer a limit to their use.