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Value Labels Packs

Discover all our value packs Mes Petites Etiquettes and save up to 50% savings.

Designed to simplify your life and save precious time, our value labels packs combine all the stickers, iron-on labels, and stick-on labels you need to personalize the whole family clothes and small items for school, kindergarten, nursery, office, summer camps, and even retirement homes.

Ready, set, go .... CUSTOMIZE !

  • Baby Label Pack

    134 labels

    To identify and find easily all of the baby's necessities at the daycare center, the nursery, or his nanny's home ! This pack includes : 16 Stickers S 10 Stickers M 20 Round St...

    starting from29,90 €

  • School Pack

    162 labels

    All the labels you need to identify your kid's belongings before they're Back To School, and start perfectly this new school year ! This pack includes : 72 stickers XS 32 stick...

    starting from29,90 €

  • School Pack Light

    98 labels

    To identify most of your kid's school supplies before being back to school ! and also along the school year ... This pack includes : 36 Stickers XS 32 Stickers S 10 Stickers M ...

    starting from20,90 €

  • School Pack Economic

    98 labels

    Just what you need : White and simple labels to identify the essential school supplies, cheap and without stress, before school starts ! and also during the year ... This pack ...

    starting from17,90 €

  • Stickers only Pack

    144 labels

    Little stickers of all shapes to identify all your small and medium belongings : your lucky pens, mobile phone, USB memory stick, etc ... This pack includes : 72 stickers XS 32 ...

    starting from24,90 €

  • Office Pack

    66 labels

    Custom stickers of all shapes to always find your small supplies and belongings at work, even in your colleague's office ! This pack includes : 36 Stickers XS 10 Stickers M 20 R...

    starting from13,90 €

  • Camper's Pack

    146 labels

    A full assortment of labels and stickers to identify everything from toothbrush to sunglasses before summer camp ! This pack includes : 36 Stickers XS 16 Stickers S 10 Stickers ...

    starting from29,90 €

  • Seniors & Boarding school Pack

    184 labels

    This pack helps identify clothes, shoes, slippers, and all the little everyday objects in order to find them back easily. This pack includes : 36 Stickers XS 16 Stickers S 20 St...

    starting from32,90 €

For every need its Pack of labels, find yours :

School Stickers and clothing Pack

162 personalized self-adhesive labels to mark small school supplies, including 28 self-adhesive clothing sticks to also identify runaway clothes for your children at school, after-school activities, sport and at the leisure center. With this practical pack, you will have everything you need for a successful school year.

Economic School Pack

98 personalized white labels with name, first name and illustration of your choice, at a reduced price to effectively and cheaply mark your child's school kit. With this pack, all small supplies such as pens, rulers, compasses etc. will be easily identified.

Essential Stickers Pack

98 color self-adhesive labels with name and surname, as well as photo or illustration. An ideal assortment of stickers of all sizes, including round and rectangular labels, for a perfect back to school start. You will be able to label each supply making up your child's school kit, a self-adhesive label for each pencil.

Baby labels pack at the nursery

134 adhesive labels and clothing labels. This pack includes 48 iron-on labels for clothes (to stick with your home iron), 28 strong self-adhesive stickers for clothes (to stick on the labels of clothing compositions) and 58 stickers for small toys or baby accessories such as his nursing bottles (feeder) for a easy labeling. A large assortment to identify all small baby items at the nursery or at his nanny's, and thus facilitate the day of nursery nurses and at kindergaten school.

Stickers Only Pack

144 sticky labels customizable of all shapes and multi-use, to mark all your styles and utensils of your daily life, such as brushes for artists, glasses, house keys and cell phones for heads-up, and USB keys for everyone. Special tip: add your phone number and your photo on your adhesive label, it will certainly help to find your lost or borrowed belongings.

Office Pack

66 personalized stickers. This mini office special pack will be your ally to collect your pens and other staplers, borrowed by your colleagues and co-workers. Don't let your pens pilfer, take action with your personalized adhesive labels!

Camper's Pack

146 customizable labels to properly prepare your child's departure for a summer camp, language stay, scout camp, green class or snow class. A complete pack of labels to mark everything, from toothbrush and hairbrush to sunglasses, including all clothes with 24 iron-on labels, 28 strong self-adhesive clothing stickers and 12 shoes stickers. All sizes of personalized stickers, in small series, are present in this very complete pack.

Senior and Boarding School Pack

184 labels of different sizes to label the clothes and items of your young people in boarding school and the elderly in retirement homes and EHPAD. With a majority of labels for clothing and shoes or slippers and many stickers for small items, this pack will allow you to mark both textiles and personal items of each with a small or large sticker format suitable for each use.