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Clothing Labels

Iron-on or Stick-on Clothing labels, everyone his own style to mark clothes !

 1 - For stressed out in-a-hurry parents : Stick-on clothing labels and Shoes labels, easy to use in less than 2 seconds , specially designed for busy moms (without iron, all you need is 2 fingers).

2 - For organized parents and runaway comforters : Iron-on clothing labels and Iron-on teddy labels to apply with your home iron in 10 seconds for a long lasting label.

All our clothing labels are laundry safe : washer and dryer safe !

It's Friday, last day of school. Holidays are officially declared. But what is this crowd in front of the kid's school ?

A crowd of parents jostles in front of a pile of messy clothes on a board and two trestles. This is the day of lost clothes, forgotten and abandoned by our children. It's time to get them back. But how to recognize her hat, she insisted so much to have the same as her friends.

Discover personalized name tags for clothing for easy labeling.

  • Iron-on Clothing Labels

    24, 48, 72, 96 or 192 labels

    New generation Iron-on Clothing Labels, with your photo or over 100 illustrations to choose from ! These labels are made to identify easily your children's clothes. Easy to appl...

    starting from7,90 €

  • Iron-on Teddy Labels

    9 labels

    No more stress of losing Baby's comforter or favorite Teddy! These Iron-on Teddy Labels are there to identify comforters and find them back at all times. Quantities : 9 Iron-on...

    starting from8,90 €

  • Stick-on Clothing Labels

    28, 56, 84 or 112 labels

    Easy Apply in LESS THAN 2 SECONDS, without iron ! Specially designed for Moderns & In a hurry Parents ! No more ironing or sewing ! You can mark your children's clothes in l...

    starting from9,00 €

  • Stick-on Shoes Labels

    12 or 24 labels

    Easy Apply in less than 2 seconds ! Very resistant labels to mark kids and seniors shoes easily in no time. Quantities available : 12 Stick-on Shoes Labels (6 pairs) - 9 € 24 S...

    starting from9,00 €

  • Stick-on Preschool Girl Shoes Labels

    12 or 24 labels

    Easy Apply in LESS THAN 2 SECONDS ! Playful labels to identify your children's shoes and teach them to recognize their left foot from the right one. A big step to be autonomous....

    starting from11,90 €

  • Stick-on Preschool Boy Shoes Labels

    12 or 24 labels

    Easy Apply in LESS THAN 2 SECONDS ! Playful labels to identify your children's shoes and teach them to recognize their left foot from the right one. A big step to be autonomous....

    starting from11,90 €

  • Minis Iron-on Clothing Labels

    30, 60 ou 90 labels

    New generation of Minis Iron-on Clothing Labels, specialy made for underwears, socks and small clothes. These labels are made to identify easily your children's clothes. Easy to...

    starting from8,90 €


No more hassle and chore of ironing with hot iron. With our self-adhesive clothing sticks, you will be the most effective in this treasure hunt!

No need to take out the sewing set, to prick your finger with the needle, just stick the label on the brand or clothing composition label in 2 seconds, watch in hand. The clothing stick, a new sticky label for clothes, is the best for parents in a hurry. You can customize it as simply as all of our other custom stickers.

In addition to being extremely simple to apply, the self-adhesive stick is resistant to washing machine and dryer.


For a maximum duration over time, you can also opt for the clothing iron-on label. A simple iron will do the trick. Place it on the garment in the desired location with the protective paper provided, count to 10, holding your iron firmly, in case it wants to escape, and you're done !

Summer Camps, Green Class, Snow class, Linguistic stays, Retirement home, entry into nursery or back to school

As you can see, marking clothes is easier with self-adhesive sticks and iron-on labels for clothes. In summer camps, at school or at the leisure center, there is a good chance that you will be asked to label your children's clothes and belongings with small personalized stickers with their name.

As for baby clothes at the nursery, retirement homes and nursing homes will also ask you to mark the set of grandparents.

Now that you know all about self-adhesive clothing sticks and iron-ons, you have no excuses. Whether you are parents in a hurry or organized parents, you will appreciate this facility and accomplish your task with the smiley. Just take advantage of the time saved to hug your dear blond heads.

Everything stays in place, labeling is easy and above all very practical.

Customizable with your first name, nickname, photo or illustration, font and several colors to choose from

Have fun personalizing your clothes stick and the sticker label of your toddlers with an illustration or photo, and choose the font, it will be even more fun! Personalized labels become the essential tool to guide your children towards autonomous child and teach them the responsibility of finding his belongings like a grown-up.

Furthermore, personalized products for children's clothes are resistant to washing machines and dryers, with an indelible solvent-free ink, with OekoTex standard 100 certification (guaranteeing a quality product without chemicals), which can meet your needs of small quantity marking.

Your children will finally be able to recognize their belongings on their own with their easily identifiable name tag. Personalize your sticks and labels to your image, without restraint. Don't lose anything anymore. Community life will never be synonymous with cuddly toys or lost business forever and we are pleased to offer you this peace of mind as a manufacturer of clothing labels.