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Mes Petites Etiquettes Iron-on teddy labels

Your iron-on teddy labels are made to adhere to all your textiles that can usually be ironed with a hot iron (if you need to be sure about your child's comforter textile, try it out on an hidden part of it as a test). They are resistant to machine washing up to 60° & dryer !


How to fix your iron-on teddy labels ?

1. Remove the teddy label from its holder and place it onto the comforter or teddy bear in the desired location (try avoiding to place the label where your child usually chew its comforter, for a longer lasting of your teddy label).

2. Place the anti-adhesive protective paper over the entire surface of your label.

3. Heat your iron on the cotton/linen position (180 °) without steam.

4. Apply your hot iron on the paper without moving & without steam, exerting pressure for 10 seconds.

5. Let the protective paper cool down, before removing it gently.


Advice & Tips :

- Leave the label to stick for at least 24h for an optimal adhesion, before using or washing the comforter or teddy bear.

- Do not apply your iron directly onto the label, always use the anti-adhesive protective paper between your iron and your iron-on labels.

- Your label comes off the edges? Your iron is probably not hot enough ... repeat the process with a hotter iron !

- Teddy has to change owner's ? Just stick the new label on top.